As far as I can tell, there’s nothing better in sports than listening to a player mic’d up.’s Sound FX is sheer bliss. Search “NBA players mic’d up on Youtube and before you know it it's 2:30 in the morning.

Whenever the TV broadcast gives me a 30-second segment of a mic’d up player, that player becomes my newest favorite player, I start imagining all the things we'd talk about if we ever got to hang out, and I wish more than anything that I could listen to him for the whole game.

And this is true for players I hate, too! Here’s video of a mic’d up Chandler Jones , from last week's Pats game against Washington. I hate the Patriots with all my heart, and after watching this I'd absolutely have Jones in my wedding.

So here’s an idea: the NFL should create a separate, pay-per-view channel that let’s you listen to at least one player fully mic’d up for the entirety of a game, completely uncensored. Just imagine: instead of listening to Phil Simms and Cris Collinsworth yuck it up about how much of a genius Bill Belichick is, you could listen to Gronk talk trash to Darrelle Revis! There isn't an NFL player I wouldn't listen to mic'd up. Even Kai Forbath! 

Imagine how many of your longstanding questions about the NFL would be answered: does anyone actually know their kicker’s name? What exactly did Greg Hardy say to that special team’s coach? What sort of random, mundane stuff do the second and third string quarterbacks talk about to each other all game long? I would pay at least twice what I currently pay for NFL RedZone for this channel.

I know, the logistics of this channel are — admittedly — not perfect, and it pretty obviously presents a PR nightmare for the NFL or NBA or whoever. But so what! We live in the golden age of technology, folks. If we can order Domino's on Twitter, we can get the Mic’d Up Channel for the 2016 season.Type your paragraph here.

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